Algominr Setup

In this quick tutorial, we will see how we can quickly setup Algominr (Donwload)

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You can also just watch the youtube video:

Once you’ve downloaded the Algominer zip file from the website you can extract the folder to anywhere you want on your harddrive. Make sure you know where, so that you can access the folder afterwards.

If you open the folder, you’ll find the Algominer executable as well as an MT4 folder.

The MT4 folder contains a Metatrader 4 Expert Advisor (algominrMT4.ex) which is used to communicate between Algominr and Metatrader 4. Communication in this case means, that Algominr will be able to import historical and live bar data from Metatrader, as well as send trading commands directly to your broker.

To install this expert advisor we open Metatrader 4 and go to File->Open Data Folder (don’t have a broker with Metatrader 4 support? Try Oanda):

Now open the directory MQL4->Experts and drag-and-drop the algominrMT4.ex4 Expert Advisor in there.

Go back to Metatrader and right-click on Expert Advisors and click refresh.


Now you should see the algominrMT4 Expert Advisor in the MT4 Navigator. Now just drag-and-drop it onto any of the charts (it doesn’t matter what symbol, however, you should choose a 1Min chart.)

Make sure to allow for live trading and allow DLL imports, then click on OK.

You can now start Algominr from the Algominr installation folder.

Click on the executable and wait for the program to load (this can take a minute or two).

In the new version, the easiest way to setup your first project is to use the “Setup MT4 project…” button in the middle of the screen.

First it will search for the MT4 connection and if you’ve done everything correctly in the first step, you should be able to click on “Set”.

In the next step, you can import some Symbols from the Metatrader 4 (in fact you can insert all Symbols that are currently in the MT4 market watch, if you want to change these symbols, go in MT4 to the Market watch, right-click on any of the currency pairs and select “Symbols”. This allows you to change the Market watch symbols.)


Select the symbols you want to import and select the earliest date you want to have. Note, however, you can only import data as old as the data that is present in MT4.

Hit “Import”. You may need to wait for a couple of minutes to import the data (you only have to do this once).

Once the bar data is imported we can find it when we go to Instruments->MT4 and click on one of the symbols.

In the Instrument view, you can see the live quotes at the very top (mid-price, bid-price, and ask-price, as well as the current spread).

The input field Avg. Spread, lets you specify the average spread you have to pay for this symbol with your broker. This is needed for accurate backtest simulations.

If we go to strategies, we can see that when we create a new project, it will automatically set up a new basic strategy template.

In this view we can see some strategy settings as well as the life results once the strategy is actually trading on the market. The second tab contains the strategy logic as in previous versions of Algominr. On the right side we see the trategy control.

Now we can just click on the “Train/Test” button to train and test this strategy template. A new tab will become available with the results of the simulation.

Now of course this is only a very basic strategy template and it is not profitable. However, once you have trained and tested the strategy you can hit the “Deploy” button which will switch the strategy into life mode.


This is all you need for your first experiments with algorithmic trading. Enjoy!

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