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I’ve just released another update. The new version adds:

  • A connection to Metatrader 5 as well direct access to the Oanda v20 API.
  • A tickdatabase store, so that not all historical data has to be kept in memory. This will allow you to import many symbols concurrently. You can now create signals based on hundreds of symbols.
  • Improved backt-test speeds. Back-testing has been improved, allowing you to back-test years of data within seconds
  • The strategy optimization tool has received an update. You can now also search for better symbols/instruments. If you have a strategy that takes EURUSD as an input to the predictions, the optimizer can find a better symbol (e.g. AUDUSD) to create the prediction on.
  • The project setup wizard has been simplified and includes the new connection possibilities (MT5 and Oanda v20)
  • You can now trade multiple strategies at the same time

You can get the newest release here:

Algominr 1.2.6


The support through the paid version has allowed me to spend more time on Algominr. I will also leave my position at the university within the next few months, which should allow me to spend even more time with my favorite project. Some things that will be added in the future:

  • Additional data sources. For now only prices can be included in the signal creation. In the future I also plan to include other data sources. These will include sentiment data, fundamental data, and much more.
  • A better live trading view. At the moment Algominr relies on the live dashboards provided by the broker (or MT4/MT5). This is insufficient for a algorithmic trading solution. A proper live trading dashboard will be implemented
  • Revision of the strategy logic view: The goal is to create a flexible visual progamming solution that is easy to use but offers more flexibility than what is done at the moment
  • Add custom strategy logic nodes: Some strategies require logic that is not implemented with Algominr. In the future a custom logic node will support programming in python.
  • Order execution handler. A sophisticated module to handle the execution of market or limit orders through the broker
  • More logic modules: Pairs trading, market making, arbitrage, etc.

If you decide to purchase Algominr 1.2.6 now, you will get all updates for free.

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