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    Can you use algominr for strictly 100% price based trading strategy s. No indicators at all.



    Yes you can. You can just use historical prices as inputs to the prediction modules. If you have a certain way you want to do it, let me know so I can help you or add the necessary modules.



    Gosh that is great. I have very specific price patterns for entry’s, stops, and exits of all trades. I am confused and new to this whole type of usage and what your product does. So am unsure how to go about this with your product.

    Beside back testing, can someone use your product to use for actual “live trading” of lot size, entry’s and exits, teaching your software to learn and see these price patterns that repeat and repeat over in price movement, and than have trading being fully automated on lot size entrys, stops, and exits with your software, like a mt4 EA can be automated.

    Or do I do the entrys manually when I see these price patterns and than I have preset exits responses all set up in your software that I can do select manually depending on what price movement does during a trade. Which I am happy to do also!

    The lot size, entrys and exits, whether full exits or partial exits or if trailing stops are used. everything about these all are VERY SPECIFIC and EXACT even the price patterns and time frames.

    What do I need to give you/show you that you need to know for this to proceed, if your product can be useful in what I am looking for from your software.

    Thanks Much!!

    Steve Kambic

    Thanks much

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