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    There seems to be a bug in the save script. When I try to save a project file there is a fatal error – ” Failed to execute script alogominr”. Has this been implemented yet or is this an issue in the execution of the write to disk?

    There does not seem to be any facility to name a file – so I suspect this has not been implemented yet.

    The platform is Widows 7 Prof 64 bit as administrator, algominr ver 1.2.2, ( and Oanda MT4 -not the issue here)

    Please advise ob the status of this facility.

    Other features: I would like to see a greater range in the look back period for the indicators, and look forward to some additions,

    I would like to see Support Vector machine added to the list of Predictors on my wish list.




    Hi Ed,
    thanks for the comment.

    Regarding the save project dialog:
    You can add a name in the empty field right above the save button. If you do that, it should work. Thanks for pointing it out though, as it’s a very bad error message.

    Regarding the Support Vector Machine: It becomes nearly impossible to train for more than 10’000 observations (which would only be around 7 days of data) which is why I don’t support it in the current version. If that’s still something that you would like to see, I can add it again in the next version. Same goes for longer lookback windows. Still thinking about a better system to setup the strategies. I think I have an idea for a simpler approach that still gives a lot of flexibility.



    Thankyou Christain,

    Yes, I would like to see Support Vector Machine reinstated as I use it for short term prediction input.

    One indicator I would like to see added is Z-score. I can pm you the python code if that would help.

    One other issue that you might want to look at is the Logic graph layout. When you alter any node the layout bunches up and you could spend time separating these – particularly some nodes overlay each other, as I noticed in one of your videos.

    The work around for that I found at the moment is to run the Tran/Test then the layout that you set in place remains in tact when you alter any node after that. This project shows a lot of promise and I congratulate you for your efforts.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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