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    Hi Chris,

    I downloaded Algominr 1.2.2 and try it; it looks like very interesting and promising APP prototype. I have a few questions about it:

    1. Data downloaded & Used: I downloaded EURUSD 1min data starting from 2016_11.01, but I only can see the data of a few of days (part of them) on screen chart. Why? Also can we download and use 5min, 15min, 30min, 1hr, 4hrs or daily data?

    2.Can we use different time frames of data to test trading strategy?

    3.Can we save settings of strategy Project in development panel after closing Algominr?

    4.Can we add more AI Algorithm in predictor list?

    5. Can we add more indicators in indicator list

    6. are there AI/ML Reward Feedback function?

    Thanks for your works.

    Jack Ma, A Private FOREX Trader

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    Hi Jack
    thanks for the interest!

    1. If you’ve only recently installed Metatrader, it’s probably because your Metatrader does not have more data downloaded. You can try to force it to download a bit more data, if you scroll back in the relevant chart window in MT4 (make sure to disable “Chart autoscroll” in the chart settings).
    I’m currently on vacations, but I’ll try to add a tutorial/video when I get back to show you how it works.

    2. This is currently not possible. There are many things that still need to be done 🙂

    3. You should be able to save the project: Project -> Save As (type in a name and hit save)

    4.&5. Yes in the future

    6. Do you mean if there is any Reinforcement Learning implemented? At the moment no. I’m also not that sure that it makes sense in the context of algominr. But if you have a specific use case in mind, let me know.




    Hi Chris,

    Thank you for your relying my questions; I try to followup question 3 & 6 further:

    3. I tried to save my Developing Project with strategy settings but failed, I got message: “Failed to execute script Algominr”.

    6. regarding Training & Testing Report with two charts and their data in Simulation, are they corresponding to Backtest and Forward test?

    Thanks a lots,


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