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    The software is very faulty. Something is constantly hanging up (for “more demanding setups”). There is absolutely no support. Nobody has ever answered a question here after my purchase.
    The Metatrader-5 interface only works sometimes.
    Importing multiple assets usually doesn’t work, one asset only until 2015.
    There is no documentation. Everything is try and error. Trade with real money? Never.

    Rating: not recommended.

    If you want to deal with time series predictions, invest the time sensibly. Tie R into Python or whatever, it’s pretty well documented and you learn a lot from it. But (!!!): don’t expect miracles! Time series related to neural networks are very difficult to handle.
    Always keep in mind: if even ONE software developer had developed a working closed system, he would use it himself – alone.

    Take the 87 bucks and go out to eat with your girlfriend or buy your kids something nice, so the money is really better spent.


    pop smith

    Does you r tool have a way to develop strategies for Binary Options (where you place, say a $10 trade for a fixed time period e.g. 1 hour. At end of one hour period if trade went in direction you predicted you earn around $8 plus your original $10 but if you predict incorrectly you lose your $10). Similar to trading except you need to set trade to be for a fixed number of bars and the money is attached to each trade and not pips movement. can your system do that?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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