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Bitcoin Trading Strategies

As the cryptocurrency markets have cooled down somewhat in the recent months, a simple buy-and-hold strategy does not create the desired profits anymore. In this short article, I will highlight some basic bitcoin trading strategies that can work. First of all, let’s characterize the possible simple strategies: Momentum and trend […]Read more »

Create a crypto trading bot

Please note, that this is not investment advice! This is only for education and research. See our Terms. There are many cryptocurrency trading bots for sale. Just do a quick google search and you will find a variety of websites selling you the ultimate bot. However, you should be very […]Read more »

Machine learning for Bitcoin trading

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency markets are still a very recent development. Traditional traders have not yet fully exploited this new environment. This makes cryptocurrency markets a perfect application for machine learning trading strategies. In this short post, I will show you how to apply Algominr to create a Bitcoin strategy. […]Read more »

Algominr Setup

In this quick tutorial, we will see how we can quickly setup Algominr (Donwload) Don’t have a broker that support Metatrader 4? Try Oanda You can also just watch the youtube video: Once you’ve downloaded the Algominer zip file from the website you can extract the folder to anywhere you […]Read more »